25 of the Stupidest Criminal Laws on the Books

A law can be defined as a rule or a procedure, which is enforced by the local, state, or federal government. We are expected to treat laws as serious business, but when we read about laws that are extremely stupid, all we can do is laugh and mock them. We can’t imagine how our government kept a straight face, during the process of putting a dumb law in place. You can’t help wondering if these laws are actually enforced, or why someone would even do some of these things. The fact of the matter is, there are literally thousands of dumb stupid laws on the books. Let’s look at 25 of some of the most ridiculous laws, which are still in place.

•If you wish to experience a beautiful sunset while in Galveston, Texas, choose your seat wisely. You can be fined up to $500, just for sitting on a sidewalk.

•In Austin, Texas, it is illegal to carry wire cutters in your pocket. If you are an electrician, please take note.

•California is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast from your balcony, but don’t even think about making freshly squeezed orange juice. Peeling an orange in a hotel room is against the law.

•In Zion, Illinois, no cat, dog, or other domestic animal is allowed to possess a lit cigar. You can still pass out cigars in celebration of the new baby, but just skip giving one to the family pet.

•Be sure to keep your dishwasher in check while in Topeka, KS, because if you run out of wine glasses, it is illegal to serve it up in teacups.

•Wisconsin residents can enjoy the taste of their meal a little more, because restaurants are required to serve table butter instead of margarine.

•When you are in Alabama, don’t consider eating your ice cream cone later. If you need to save it, don’t put it in your back pocket, because that would be illegal.

•Good table manners are a must in New Jersey. Make sure you do not slurp your soup, because that would be an illegal act.

•When you are in South Dakota, make sure to take a nap before you visit a cheese factory, because it is illegal to lie down and fall asleep at one.

•If you are going to try whistling underwater in West Virginia, don’t do it, because it is illegal. Of course if you think about it, whistling underwater really does seem like a bad idea.

•While you are not whistling underwater in West Virginia, don’t sing in a bathtub in Pennsylvania either. Maybe some states really don’t like music.

•If you are a man sporting a mustache in Eureka, Nevada, don’t kiss a woman. However, if you just have a beard, kissing a woman is legal.

•In Mohave, Arizona, it is illegal to steal soap. If you decide to steal soap, prepare to be water logged, because your punishment is washing until the bar of soap is completely used.

•Don’t harass Bigfoot while you are in Washington, because it is against the law. This definitely leaves you wondering how exactly one harasses Bigfoot in the first place.

•Are you in the mood for a great fish fry? If you are in Pennsylvania, do not use dynamite to catch the fish, because it is illegal.

•While you are in Hawaii, don’t put pennies in your ear, because it is illegal. The law says nothing about dimes.

•It is okay for a man to shave in Missouri, but they must have a permit. Growing a beard and mustache, must be quite popular there.

•If you are in New Jersey, do not throw pickle juice on a trolley. We can assume sprinkling it all over your back yard is okay.

•If donuts holes are what you crave, buy them before you get to Lehigh, Nebraska, since it is illegal to sell them there.

•Paying for someone else’s coffee is such a kind gesture. However, while in Richmond, Virginia, don’t flip a coin to see who has to pick up the morning coffee tab.

•In Washington, you are not allowed to have a lollipop. Washington residents must pass dental check-ups with flying colors.

•In Hartford, Connecticut, you cannot educate Fiddo. You will never find out if you can teach an old dog a new trick in this state.

•There will be no gargling in public, while in Louisiana. It is a good thing breath mints are still allowed.

•While you are baking in New Hampshire, you are not allowed to dye your margarine pink. Apparently, it is absolutely okay to dye butter pink.

•While you are eating in Oklahoma, don’t take a bite out of someone else’s hamburger. We are so happy to hear that sharing a dessert is still allowed.

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