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Arrest Records in New York

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With a population of 19.45 million, New York is the 7th most densely populated state and the 4th most populated state in the U.S., having been supplanted from the 3rd spot by Florida in the past decade. New York City is the state’s largest city, as well as the most populous city in the U.S., as home to nearly 8.4 million people. However, the centrally-located city of Albany is New York State’s capital. There are 62 counties in New York: New York County is the most populous, while Hamilton County is the least populous.

Despite being home to the largest city in the country (large urban areas tend to have elevated levels of crime), crime in New York state is slightly below national levels: in 2018 the state logged a violent crime rate of 3.5 per 1,000 compared to the national rate of 3.69 per 1,000. Newburgh is the state’s most dangerous city, earning a violent crime over three times higher than the statewide rate. Along with its impressively low crime rates, New York has the 8th lowest arrest per capita rate in the United States. 

New York Arrest and Crime Statistics

  • According to FBI data, New York recorded 244,041 arrests in 2018. However, this only covers incidents reported by 505 law enforcement agencies in the state, which have a total jurisdiction of roughly half the state’s population.
  • 11,433 arrests for violent crimes occurred in New York, including 7,626 for aggravated assault, 933 for rape, and 244 for murder and nonnegligent manslaughter.
  • The leading identified cause of arrest in New York was drug abuse violations by a wide margin. In total, they accounted for nearly 70 thousand arrests in the state.
  • Over 25 thousand people were arrested for driving under the influence in New York, along with 943 that were arrested for violating liquor laws.
  • There are around 40,000 registered sex offenders residing in New York State. 

Sources: FBI: 2018 Crime in the United States, The Official New York State Sex Offender Registry


What is a public arrest record?

An arrest record is a report produced by a law enforcement entity after the arrest or apprehension of an individual which contains the details of the incident, the individual’s personal information, and occasionally includes additional information about the individual’s criminal record.

An arrest record is often a key document in a criminal case and may play a significant role in an ensuing trial. The arrest record may remain in the public record for a long time regardless of whether the suspect is ultimately convicted of the crime(s) for which they were initially arrested. This means that it can be accessed by the general public.  

What is included in a public arrest record?

  • Description of the incident: An arrest record will include a chronological account of the alleged crime produced by the arresting officer that may utilize information provided by first-hand witnesses and/or victims of the alleged crime. 
  • Date and location of the arrest
  • Physical description: The height, weight, hair color, sex, and race of the arrested person, along with other distinguishing characteristics such as tattoos, scars, or birthmarks. 
  • Personal information: The name, age, date of birth, phone number, address, social security number, and other contact information of the arrested individual, as well as any other names the person may go by. 
  • Photographs
  • Fingerprints
  • Criminal charges filed
  • Classification of the crime: Whether the alleged crime is a felony or a misdemeanor.
  • Bail
  • Court date
  • Police interrogation details

What are the types of charges that may appear on an arrest record?

Generally, charges are classified into three main categories:

  • Infraction – An infraction is a minor violation of the law that is regulated at the state level. Punishment for an infraction is typically a fine or a written warning, rather than a jail or prison sentence. Examples of infractions include minor traffic violations, public nuisance offenses, and littering. 
  • Misdemeanor – A misdemeanor is a crime that is more serious than an infraction, but less severe than a felony, and generally punishable by a term of imprisonment of less than a year, or a term of probation. An individual convicted of a misdemeanor is more likely to serve time in a county or local jail than a federal or state prison. Examples of misdemeanors include driving under the influence, most drug abuse violations, and petty theft.
  • Felony – A felony is the most serious type of crime and generally results in a term of imprisonment of more than one year in a state or federal prison. Having a felony on one’s record may result in limitations of employment and the acquisition of specialty licenses. Examples of felonies include rape, murder, and arson.  

Who can access arrest records?

As in most other states, arrest records (also known as arrest reports) are public records in New York and can be accessed by anyone upon request to a law enforcement agency, and may come up during a routine background check. 

Other examples of New York public records include:

  • vital records such as birth and death certificates
  • marriage licenses
  • mugshots
  • court records
  • voting records
  • property records 

Where are physical copies of arrest records kept in New York?

Arrest records are typically held by the law enforcement agency responsible for the arrest, usually a local police department or county sheriff’s office. They also may be kept in the archive of a state government agency, or circuit court. However, there is no official repository for arrest records. 

Why can’t I access an arrest record in New York?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to access an arrest record. Although the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires federal agencies to release arrest records and other public records, records that fall under certain exemptions can be withheld from the public.

The FOIA includes nine exemptions that allow agencies to withhold documents, such as arrest records, and not release them to the public. They are:

  1. The information is classified to protect natural security. 
  2. The information focuses on the internal rules and practices of the agency.
  3. Another federal law prohibits the release of the information.
  4. The information includes confidential trade secrets and/or commercial and financial information. 
  5. The information includes privileged, confidential communicative exchanges between two agencies. 
  6. The information could pose a danger to another person’s privacy if released.
  7. The information is reserved for law enforcement purposes in a court case or an investigation or could reveal a confidential source. 
  8. The information includes confidential information about financial institution supervision. 
  9. The information includes geographical information about wells.

Additionally, some state laws limit the availability of arrest records due to the fact that they are perceived as one-sided documents that do not include the arrested person’s account of the incident. 

What is the difference between an arrest record and a criminal record?

Compared to an arrest record, a criminal record is a more thorough document that details an individual’s entire criminal history, including arrest warrants, arrests, third party complaints, convictions, and even dropped cases. 

What is the difference between an arrest record and an arrest warrant?

An arrest warrant is a document issued by a judge or magistrate that grants law enforcement the authority to arrest an individual suspected of a crime or to search and seize the individual’s property, whereas an arrest record is a document of an arrest that is only created after an arrest or apprehension has already occurred.  

In order for a judge or magistrate to issue an arrest warrant, they must conclude that there is probable cause for an arrest. Probable cause must be backed by sworn testimony or an affidavit that provides sufficient information supporting the need for an arrest. An arrest warrant must also specify one individual that should be arrested, rather than a group of individuals or a rough description of a suspect. 

How many Americans have been arrested?

While crime has steadily dropped in the United States over the past several decades, arrests have gone up, particularly for younger age groups. Typically, law enforcement makes around 10 million arrests each year. Here are some key statistics on arrests in the United States:

  • In 2018, around 10.3 million arrests were made nationwide.
  • 73% of arrested persons in 2018 were males.
  • The more recent an American was born, the greater the likelihood that the individual has been arrested at least once. The following is the percentage of Americans in various age groups that have been arrested: 
    • 6.4% of Americans  born before 1949
    • 10.7% of Americans born between 1949 and 1958
    • 13.8% of Americans born between 1959 and 1968
    • 18.7% of Americans born between 1969 and 1978
    • 23% of Americans born between 1979-1988

Sources: Federal Bureau of Investigation, RAND Corporation

How to search for Arrest Records in New York

Individuals may request a copy of New York State arrest records and other criminal history information through the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). This is called a Personal Record Review. However, one cannot request the criminal history record of another person through this process. 

There are two varieties of Personal Record Review:

  • Unsuppressed – Contains all criminal history records, including sealed or suppressed records. 
  • Suppressed – Does not contain sealed or suppressed criminal history records.  

The process for obtaining a Suppressed or Unsuppressed Personal Record Review is basically the same and is as follows:

  1. Visit the IdentiGO website (or call 1-877-472-6915) to schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints taken at a designated live scan service facility provided by Morphotrust USA, a private company. 
  2. Enter the appropriate service code for a Suppressed Record (15464Z) or an Unsuppressed Record (15465F).
  3. Schedule an appointment at an appropriate time with a nearby location.
  4. Bring one form of identification (accepted forms are listed on the IdentiGO website) to the appointment and be ready to pay a fee of $63.50 using a credit card, check, or money order made out to “Idemia”.

After the appointment is complete, give the DCJS 7-10 working days to process the Personal Record Review. If you have any questions about the process, contact the Record Review Unit at 518-457-9847, 518-485-7675, or through email at [email protected].

How can I search for a New York arrest record on the internet using a background check service?

Since tracking down physical copies of arrest records can prove challenging, searching for them online is a viable option. There is a wealth of online services that allow you to search and access New York arrest records and other public records via numerous government agency databases in exchange for a fee. 

However, despite the fact that users must pay to obtain an arrest record from an online service, it’s nevertheless a convenient means of getting these documents. The offices of government agencies are often marred by inconsistent service and take a long time to process requests to view documents. 

Sometimes it’s worth it to pay a fee to use an online background check service, rather than endure the extended delays typical of government offices.  

What can I do if my arrest record has a mistake?

If your New York arrest record or another criminal history record document contains inaccurate or incorrect information, you can submit a challenge to the DCJS. For arrest records, the challenge process involves contacting the agency responsible for the arrest and requesting that they submit the changes in writing to the DCJS. 

Contact the DCJS Record Review Unit at [email protected] for direction on how to proceed with the challenge. 

New York Courthouse and Sheriff Information by County

Albany CountyAlbany County Court6 Lodge St
Albany, NY 12207
518-285-8777Albany County Sheriff16 Eagle St
Albany, NY 12207
Allegany CountyAllegany County Family Court7 Court St
Belmont, NY 14813
585-449-3463Allegany County Jail4884 NY-19
Belmont, NY 14813
Bronx CountyBronx County Hall Of Justice265 E 161 St
The Bronx, NY 10451
718-618-1000Bronx County Sheriff's Office3030 Third Ave. 2nd Floor
The Bronx, NY 10455
Broome CountyBroome County Family Court65 Hawley St
Binghamton, NY 13901
607-240-5799Broome County Sheriff's Office155 Lt Vanwinkle Dr
Binghamton, NY 13905
Cattaraugus CountyCattaraugus County Courthouse303 Court St
Little Valley, NY 14755
716-938-9111Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Office301 Court St
Little Valley, NY 14755
Cayuga CountyCayuga County Courthouse152 Genesee St
Auburn, NY 13021
315-237-6450Cayuga County Sheriff's Office7445 County House Rd
Auburn, NY 13021
Chautauqua CountyChautauqua County Family Court2 Academy St #5
Mayville, NY 14757
716-753-4351Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office15 E Chautauqua St
Mayville, NY 14757
Chemung CountyChemung County Supreme Court203 Lake St
Elmira, NY 14901
607-873-9450Chemung County Jail211 William St
Elmira, NY 14901
Chenango CountyChenango County Supreme CourtW Park Pl
Norwich, NY 13815
607-337-1740Chenango County Sheriff279 County Rd 46
Norwich, NY 13815
Clinton CountyClinton County Family Court137 Margaret St # 313
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
518-536-3820Clinton County Sheriff25 McCarthy Dr
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Columbia CountyColumbia County Family Court401 Union St
Hudson, NY 12534
518-267-3150Columbia County Sheriffs Office85 Industrial Tract
Hudson, NY 12534
Cortland CountyCortland City Court25 Court St
Cortland, NY 13045
607-218-3300Cortland County Jail54 Greenbush St
Cortland, NY 13045
Delaware CountySupreme & County Court - Delaware County3 Court St
Delhi, NY 13753
607-376-5400Delaware County Sheriffs280 Phoebe Ln #1
Delhi, NY 13753
Dutchess CountyDutchess County Supreme Court10 Market St
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
845-431-1710Dutchess County Sheriff108 Parker Ave
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Erie CountyErie County Court25 Delaware Ave
Buffalo, NY 14202
716-845-9300Dutchess County Sheriff108 Parker Ave
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Essex CountyEssex County Family Court7551 Court St
Elizabethtown, NY 12932
518-873-3320Essex County Sheriff702 Stowersville Rd
Lewis, NY 12950
Franklin CountyFranklin County Courthouse355 W Main St
Malone, NY 12953
518-481-1732Franklin County Sheriff's Department45 Bare Hill Rd
Malone, NY 12953
Fulton CountyFulton County Family Court223 W Main St
Johnstown, NY 12095
518-706-3260Fulton County Sheriff Department2712 NY-29
Johnstown, NY 12095
Genesee CountyGenesee County Court1 W Main St
Batavia, NY 14020
585-344-2550Genesee County Sheriff's Office165 Park Rd
Batavia, NY 14020
Greene CountyGreene County Courthouse320 Main St
Catskill, NY 12414
518-625-3160Greene County Sheriff's Office80 Bridge St
Catskill, NY 12414
Hamilton CountyHamilton County Sheriff's Office110 S Shore Rd
Lake Pleasant, NY 12108
Herkimer CountyHerkimer County Family Court301 N Washington St #2501
Herkimer, NY 13350
315-619-3400Herkimer County Sheriff320 N Main St #2900
Herkimer, NY 13350
Jefferson CountyJefferson County Supreme Court317 Washington St # 10
Watertown, NY 13601
315-785-7906Jefferson County Sheriff's Office753 Waterman Dr
Watertown, NY 13601
Kings CountyKings County Family Court330 Jay St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
347-401-9610Kings County Sheriff's Office210 Joralemon St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Lewis CountyLewis County Family Court7660 N State St
Lowville, NY 13367
315-376-5345Lewis County Sheriff Department5252 Outer Stowe St
Lowville, NY 13367
Livingston CountyLivingston County Courthouse2 Court St
Geneseo, NY 14454
585-243-7063Livingston County Sheriff's Office4 Court St
Geneseo, NY 14454
Madison CountyMadison County Family Court138 N Court St
Canastota, NY 13032
315-231-5310Madison County Sheriff138 N Court St # 7
Wampsville, NY 13163
Monroe CountyMonroe County Family Court99 Exchange Blvd # 246
Rochester, NY 14614
585-371-3544Monroe County Sheriff's Office130 Plymouth Ave #100
Rochester, NY 14614
Montgomery CountyMontgomery County Court58 Broadway
Fonda, NY 12068
518-853-8133Montgomery County Sheriff200 Clark Dr
Fultonville, NY 12072
Nassau CountyNassau County Supreme Court100 Supreme Ct Dr
Mineola, NY 11501
516-493-3400Nassau County Correctional Center100 Carman Ave
East Meadow, NY 11554
New York CountyNew York County Supreme Court60 Centre St
New York, NY 10007
646-386-3600New York City Corrections Department60 Hudson St # 600
New York, NY 10013
Niagara CountyNiagara County Clerk’s Office Courthouse175 Hawley St
Lockport, NY 14094
716-439-7022Niagara County Sheriff's Department5526 Niagara Street Ext
Lockport, NY 14094
Oneida CountyOneida County Court Clerk200 Elizabeth St #4
Utica, NY 13501
315-266-4200Oneida County Sheriffs Department6065 Judd Rd
Oriskany, NY 13424
Onondaga CountyOnondaga County Court505 S State St #130
Syracuse, NY 13202
315-671-1020Onondaga County Sheriff's Office407 S State St
Syracuse, NY 13202
Ontario CountyOntario County Family Court27 N Main St
Canandaigua, NY 14424
585-412-5299Ontario County Sheriff's Office, NY3045 County Complex Dr
Canandaigua, NY 14424
Orange CountyOrange County Surrogate Court30 Park Pl
Goshen, NY 10924
845-476-3655Orange County Sheriff's Office110 Wells Farm Rd
Goshen, NY 10924
Orleans CountyOrleans County Surrogate1 S Main St #3
Albion, NY 14411
585-283-6622Orleans County Sheriff13925 NY-31 #400
Albion, NY 14411
Oswego CountyOswego County Family Court39 Churchill Rd
Oswego, NY 13126
315-207-7533Oswego County Sheriff's Office39 Churchill Rd
Oswego, NY 13126
Otsego CountyOtsego County Court193 Main St
Cooperstown, NY 13326
607-547-4388Otsego County Sheriff172 Co Hwy 33
Cooperstown, NY 13326
Putnam CountyPutnam Supreme and County Court20 County Center
Carmel Hamlet, NY 10512
845-208-7800Putnam County Sheriff's Department3 County Center
Carmel Hamlet, NY 10512
Queens CountySupreme Court Queens County88-11 Sutphin Blvd
Jamaica, NY 11435
718-298-1000Queens Detention Facility18222 150th Ave
Jamaica, NY 11413
Rensselaer CountyRensselaer County Supreme Court80 2nd St
Troy, NY 12180
518-285-5025Rensselaer County Sheriff4000 Main St
Troy, NY 12180
Richmond CountyRichmond County Supreme Court26 Central Ave
Staten Island, NY 10301
718-675-8700Richmond County Sheriff's Office350 St Marks Pl #409
Staten Island, NY 10301
Rockland CountyRockland County Court House1 S Main St
New City, NY 10956
845-483-8300Rockland County Sheriff's Department55 New Hempstead Rd
New City, NY 10956
Saint Lawrence CountySt Lawrence Surrogate Court48 Court St
Canton, NY 13617
315-379-2217St Lawrence Sheriff Adm Ofcs48 Court St
Canton, NY 13617
Saratoga CountySaratoga Supreme Court Clerk30 Mc Master St # 1
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
518-451-8840Saratoga County Sheriff's Office6010 County Farm Rd
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
Schenectady CountySchenectady County Family Court620 State St
Schenectady, NY 12305
518-285-8435Schenectady County Sheriff320 Veeder Ave
Schenectady, NY 12307
Schoharie CountySchoharie County Family Court290 Main St
Schoharie, NY 12157
518-453-6999Schoharie County Sheriff157 Depot Ln
Schoharie, NY 12157
Schuyler CountySchuyler County Family Court105 9th St #35
Watkins Glen, NY 14891
607-228-3352Schuyler County Sheriff's Office106 10th St
Watkins Glen, NY 14891
Seneca CountySurrogate Court48 W Williams St
Waterloo, NY 13165
315-539-7531Seneca County Sheriff Department6150 NY-96
Romulus, NY 14541
Steuben CountySteuben County Family Court3 E Pulteney Square
Bath, NY 14810
607-622-8218Steuben County Sheriff's Office7007 Rumsey St
Bath, NY 14810
Suffolk CountySuffolk County Supreme Court1 Court St
Riverhead, NY 11901
631-852-2334Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Riverhead Correctional Facility100 Center Dr S
Riverhead, NY 11901
Sullivan CountySullivan County Supreme Court414 Broadway
Monticello, NY 12701
845-791-3540Sullivan County Sheriff's Office8 Bushnell Ave
Monticello, NY 12701
Tioga CountyTioga County Supreme & County Courts21 Court Street PO Box 10
Owego, NY 13827
607-689-6107Tioga County Sheriff's Office103 Corporate Dr
Owego, NY 13827
Tompkins CountyTompkins County Family Court320 N Tioga St
Ithaca, NY 14850
607-216-6640Tompkins County Public Safety779 Warren Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850
Ulster CountyUlster County Courthouse285 Wall St
Kingston, NY 12401
845-481-9375Office Of The Ulster County Sheriff380 Boulevard
Kingston, NY 12401
Warren CountyWarren County Supreme Court1340 U.S. 9
Lake George, NY 12845
518-480-6360Warren County Sheriff's Office1400 U.S. 9
Lake George, NY 12845
Washington CountyWashington County Supreme Court Clerk383 Broadway
Fort Edward, NY 12828
518-746-2521Washington County (NY) Deputy Sheriff's PBA399 Broadway
Fort Edward, NY 12828
Wayne CountyWayne County Family Court54 Broad St # 106D
Lyons, NY 14489
315-665-8115Wayne County Sheriff’s Office7376 NY-31
Lyons, NY 14489
Westchester CountyWestchester County Court111 Dr.Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
White Plains, NY 10601
914-824-5840Westchester County Correction10 Woods Rd
Valhalla, NY 10595
Wyoming CountyWyoming County Courthouse147 N Main St
Warsaw, NY 14569
585-228-3200Wyoming County Sheriff151 N Main St
Warsaw, NY 14569
Yates CountyYates County Courthouse415 Liberty St
Penn Yan, NY 14527
315-536-5126Yates County Sheriff's Office227 Main St
Penn Yan, NY 14527


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